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What is an Associate? by Pat Fairfield, Associate


A Franciscan Associate is a woman or man, single, married, separated, divorced, middle-aged or younger or older.


A Franciscan Associate loves God and is attracted to St. Francis.


A Franciscan Associate sees all of creation as God's gift for all.


A Franciscan Associate is not called to be a Franciscan Sister or Brother, but is called to reflect the spirituality of St. Francis which is exhibited by the Franciscan Family.


A Franciscan Associate seeks to live out this spirituality in their everyday life.


A Franciscan Associate seeks to show their support for their Franciscan Sisters in whatever way they can.


A Franciscan Associate receives support from the prayers and spiritual life of the Franciscan Family.


This support is mutually beneficial.


A Franciscan Associate is nourished by the Franciscan Family. We grow together by monthly meetings consisting of prayer, sharing and fellowship, as well as by participating in Regional Days sponsored by the community and other activities. These meetings are usually marked with joy - a sign of true Franciscanism.


Associate Program - Toward a Franciscan Spirituality


Do you desire to expand and enrich your life? Embrace Franciscan values? Be transformed by the Gospel? Be an instrument of positive change?


Who are Associates?

Our Associates are women and men who wish to embrace Franciscan values and to touch the world as followers of St. Francis while still maintaining their present life styles. Associates and sisters provide mutual support for each other in faith, life, and ministry. We share our individual gifts in the Franciscan spirit, thus broadening the network of people who embody the mission of Jesus in their daily lives.


Why become an Associate?

To share the Gospel message with others in your life.

To support one another in positive response to the needs of our world.

To grow personally with the Allegany Franciscans in our mutual journey toward a deeper spiritual life.



Come journey with us and be part of the answer.


For more information, please contact:


Sr. Jeanne Williams, OSF


(609) 682-2866


Kathy Doyle

Co - Director

(843) 249-7023


Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, NY

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